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Leather care


In order to enjoy your bag for a long time, SEQUOIA invites you to follow the following maintenance recommendations.

Since leather is a living material, it is essential to nourish it and respect certain habits to ensure its longevity.


Leathers are vulnerable to humidity, heat and exposure to sunlight, which can warp and discolor them. Even if they have been waterproofed in the tannery, our products remain sensitive to rain. Dry your bag well with a clean, soft cloth if it comes into contact with water.

Always test the product you are going to apply on a small, non-visible area of ​​your bag and follow the instructions for use to avoid excess product, which could cause marks and marks.

Be wary of solvents, alcohols and certain commercial cleaning products which can damage the leather.

Take care not to put your bag in prolonged contact with other materials whose color could bleed onto the leather.




Full grain leather

Sensitive to water, remember to wipe it gently with a soft cloth if it comes into contact with a liquid.

Depending on the treatment it has undergone, the maintenance of your bag will be different. Aniline treated, simply clean it with a dry cloth. Proceed carefully so as not to remove the protective layer of the bag. If it is pigmented, you can use a damp cloth.

Velvet crust

Despite an “anti-bleeding” and “water-repellent” treatment, certain conditions (humidity and/or continuous friction) can cause a slight residual color bleeding.

To prevent this inconvenience, it is recommended to regularly waterproof your bag and avoid wearing it with light-colored clothing.

Cleaning is done with a soft brush to preserve the velvet appearance. However, if there is a stain, you can scrub superficially with a crepe brush.



Brush gently with a suede brush or a dry cloth. Do not clean with water or soap as this could stain your bag.

PU crust

Sensitive to color migration. Be careful not to put your bag in contact with any material likely to color it (other leathers, plastic bags, jeans, etc.).

You can clean your bag very simply using a damp cloth and a little soap.

Pigmented crust

These materials are sensitive to water and products, including soap. Although they are stain-resistant and water-repellent, it is recommended to waterproof them regularly (following the precautions for using the product carefully to avoid marks).

This leather being very fragile, it is recommended to proceed with the greatest care when cleaning it. To do this, gently wipe a dry, soft cloth over your bag.

Natural fabrics (cotton, linen, etc.)

If your bag has leather trim, be careful not to spill over it. It requires different care depending on its nature.

Cleaning is done with a very slightly damp cloth, after making a test on an invisible corner of the bag.

Synthetic canvas


The textile part of your bag can be cleaned with water and neutral soap, using a soft brush. It is important to avoid solvent-based products, which may cause the canvas to discolor.

Synthetic leather (PVC, PU...)


Because it is not a living material, this leather is easy to maintain. Simply clean it with a soft cloth, a little water and soap.